Quality Audio You Can Feel.

Krankz Audio is a premium lifestyle brand. Our high quality stereo headphones are designed for those with an active lifestyle. Krankz Audio provides a very neutral, balanced listening experience. What you hear is music the way the producer meant it to be heard.

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Intuitive interface.

The foldable design means they will fit snug in your backpack or luggage, and won’t be awkward to store if needed. Not able to charge your headphones all day? No problem, Krankz are complete with a fully charged Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery which gives you over 36-hours of battery life. That’s nearly twice as long as Krankz competitors!


Sleek Design

Exeo ‘KrankzTM‘ Wireless On-Ear Headphone has a Retractable, Folding Design with a Built-in Microphone, for ultimate compatibility.

Great Experience

On-Ear controls to adjust your listening experience. Superior sound quality, comfort and style.

Comfort & Convenience

Use the intuitive and convenient headset controls on your ear cup for managing your listening experience.

The on-ear design combines superior sound quality with unparalleled comfort and style.Krankz Wireless will give you BIG sound in a sleek and convenient package. With 105dB of clean sound, and noise cancellation, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite songs without any distraction.


Easy Recharge

Krankz makes it super easy to recharge your headphones, just plug them into any USB port or USB power cube.

Voice Notification

Built-in microphone and automatic call notification for easily switching between music audio and phone calls when paired to your smart phone.

Seamless Streaming

Stream audio from your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device – even TV’s – from up to 30 feet away.

Comfort & Style

Krankz dynamic on-ear design combines superior sound quality with unparalleled comfortand style.
Krankz Studio

Want to get ahead of the crowd! Purchase the hottest new Studio Hi-Fi Audio Headphones on the market today! The Krankz Studio Open Backed, Wood headphones are here!